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Meet the Team

We're a small team that loves having fun, playing with dogs, and giving your furry loved ones the best care!


Founder/Lead Dog Walker

"When making a decision you gotta put the dogs first, humans second, and the business third. Once you've got your priorities straight, usually the right choice is easily found."

Hello there! My name is Lily, and I’m the founder of Mama Walks Dogs. I seriously love animals and want you to have a great dog walking/pet sitting experience. I’ve had animals in my life since forever. I can’t remember not having a couple cats or a dog around to share my joy and adventures. I was a dog groomer during college. I’ve worked on agility training and canine good citizenship training. Besides dogs and cats, I’ve cared for horses, chickens, goats, ferrets, rabbits, freshwater fish, rats, and guinea pigs. I am passionate about bringing joy into this world and can think of no better way to do that than to spoil pets. 

Lead Dog Walker

Good day, Canine Enthusiasts! My name is James, and my favorite part of the day is bonding with my dog through play and exercise. I want to bring that joy to every single dog that I work with, and will be your pup's new best friend. My entire childhood was working with animals (big as a bull and small as a hatchling) on the family ranch. My education was in behavioral psychology, physical therapy, and sport medicine; I utilize that knowledge daily on my walks. It is my goal to help your dog stay happy, healthy, and fit!

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Vacation Care Specialist/Sunday Fill-in

Hi, I’m Avery and I’m a crazy animal person! I have a serious passion for pets and love meeting your furry friends. I have worked with dogs in the doggy daycare and boarding industry for over two years, worked with a variety of animals in zoos, and I have done pet sitting and dog walking for dogs -and many other pets- of all sizes, breeds, and temperaments from puppies to seniors! I will care for and love on your pets just as you would while you are away, whether it’s for a short walk or long weekend!

Vacation Care Specialist

Hi! My name is Elissa. I’ve lived in Colorado Springs for about a year. I’ve never gone without animals in my entire life! I currently have 1 dog, named Coconut, and 4 cats named Mimi, Sleepy, Happy, and Bashful. My passion is my children. I want to be their superhero! I love walking dogs because I have a close connection with dogs. My favorite color is pink, and my favorite season for dog walking is fall. My goal is to treat your dogs like family!

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