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New Toy = New Joy, Making the Most Out of Your Dog's Toys

Dogs need new stimulation and exposure to different environments to be confident and happy, but we live in Colorado. Some days it’s really cold and miserable outside, and it’s hard to fulfill those puppy-dog needs. This is why we have dog toys. Developmentally, dogs are about the age of a human two or three year old. They thrive on play. Dogs need toys to self soothe, and just have something better to do than obsess over their human family members, or that piece of cheese that he/she saw go under the refrigerator.

Most people buy a few toys when they first bring their puppy home. It’s an exciting time! You purchase a couple chew toys, maybe a ball to play fetch with, or even a no-stuffing stuffed animal. Eventually these toys get destroyed, or your pup loses interest. It’s kind of frustrating that they can be so hard on their toys, even though it’s really cute! It can get expensive to buy new, good quality toys for your dog all the time. The simple solution: rotate your dog’s toys. Rotating your dog’s toys will extend the life of the toys, keep your pup interested and busy, and help keep your bank account looking positive.

In my pantry, we have a section dedicated to canine happiness. We have four bins that I reload with bones and one-time chew items every month. Then, every week, we swap out the toy box in the living room with a new bin full of toys, and my dog goes bananas unpacking his “new” toy box with all of his forgotten favorite toys. This also gives me a chance to evaluate if a toy is becoming unsafe due to wear and tear, and to clean anything really gross.

It’s important to keep in mind that every dog has different needs. My last dog, Leelue, was a Jack Russell Terrier. She couldn’t stand her toys being rotated more than once a month. That was her happy place. She had a couple balls, a tug toy, some stuffingless squeaky toys, and a plethora of chews (pig ears, antlers, sheep hooves) in each month’s set of toys. We established a three month cycle and that seemed to keep her entertained and happy. For her, since she was small, we used an on the back of the door shoe organizer. This works great for smaller breeds and their smaller size toys!

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With puppy and kitty love,

Lily the Dog Mama

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