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A Valentine's Day Love Letter to My Dog

To My Sweetest Dog Odin,

The love between humans and canines is magical. It’s the fantastical stuff that great cinema and equally wonderful literary works are made of. Thankfully, I am blessed to have this fairytale be a part of my life because of you, Odin.

When I look into your eyes I can see your soul, your love for snack-ums, your love for me, and the strong bond that brings us together. I find your fur everywhere, magically dusted throughout our home together, and it serves as a daily, visual reminder of your constant affections for me. You have surrounded me in dog glitter that I can carry with me throughout the day on every article of clothing. In return, I hope to surround you with my love. I wish to give you all the soft blankets, toys, bones, and snacks that you could ever wish for. You are my wonderful reason for a fun, cluttered house. You make my home and heart complete.

When I scratch your chest or rub your belly, the look of joy and contentment on your face brings peace to my soul. My heart feels like it will burst with the joy of a thousand squeakers when you snuggle up with me on the couch. These sweet moments are brief for the life of a busy human, but they make my days worth waking up for. When you kick me in the face, or whap my eye with your tail, I know that your joy at being a part of my family cannot be contained. I will still hold you close, my darling puppy, in my heart and in my arms, and I thank you for loving me.

If my love for you was a scent, it would be a dog-friendly, warm peanut butter cookie. All smells that you bring home to share with me let me know that you feel the same, from the sharp stink of beef farts, to the funky, all encompassing stench of skunk. All smells are created equal in your eyes, and I know that you wish to share your found scented treasures with me. I am grateful for your consideration.

I never have to worry about communicating with you, as you speak in volumes with your body language and plethora of growls, whines, squeaks, and barks. By shoving your nose into my stomach to let me know that you’d like your portion of my dinner, you quietly remind me to seize every moment with passion. You lead by example, never holding back yourself, jumping up onto the kitchen counters. You loudly inform me when the neighbors are walking their dog, and when my packages arrive in the mail. We never miss a moment together. You and I, we are a pair.

As you grow older, so too does my love for you grow. I can’t wait to spend every vacation with you, and every holiday with you. I love you my sweet, stinky, wonderful pup. Even though you’ve already given me the world, I have to ask one more thing of you: will you please be my Valentine?

With love and snackies,

Your Dog Mom


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