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The Benefits of Dog Walking

Let me share with you my morning routine. I wake up, put on yoga pants, feed the cats, clean the litter boxes (all four of them), feed the dog, get hydrated, let the dog out to go potty, check the weather, and THEN go for a walk with my furry best friend. For me, it’s the most important part of the day, regardless of how miserable Colorado weather can get in the winter and spring.

Daily dog walks are beneficial to both you and your hound. Here are the top three reasons why:

#1 Positively Affect the Human/Canine Bond

Daily walks expose your dog to so many fun and challenging situations that let you both grow together as a family. Your dog watches you face the scary, loud motorcycle with calm, and follows your lead when you draw your pooch away from the slice of pizza someone threw on the ground. I’m talking about building a large amount of shared experiences. Have you noticed your canine companion lick their lips after looking at you? They are thinking about all the tasty treats that you have shared. Having this foundation of positive shared experiences will bring you closer together, and let you learn to accept one another for all your differences. Even if that difference might be trying to eat roadkill.

#2 Mutual Weight Management

We all could use more exercise. That includes your pup too! Extra weight negatively affects humans and canines alike, so creating a habit of walking together every day is a great part of the solution. Some days that can mean a quick 20 minute jaunt around the block, and other days it can be an hour long trek around your neighborhood. Every little bit of exercise throughout the day adds up to a healthier lifestyle.

#3 Mental Floss

Everyone needs some down time to disconnect from phones, zoom meetings, house work, and the hundreds of other things on our to-do lists. Changing the scenery can do just that. You and your dog get a positive outlet for your pent up energy, and can turn off the stress with each step. Have a problem you need to work out? Talk it out with your non-judgmental dog and you will find the best listener. I’m not saying that dogs are a replacement for a therapist, but they come pretty darn close for most of us.

Your dog is an expert at living in the moment and can bring mindfulness, health, and happiness to your daily, busy life. Just don’t be afraid to follow his/her lead.

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With puppy and kitty love,

Lily the Dog Mama


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