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Canines and Carrots: Dog Friendly Vegetables

Vegetables are a healthy and essential part of the human diet, and they can be just as beneficial for dogs. In fact, many veggies are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can aid in keeping your dog healthier for longer.

When thinking about adding veggies to your dog’s diet, there are a few things you need to know. First, not ALL vegetables are good for dogs to eat. Make sure you do your research and check with your vet. Second, it’s important to introduce veggies to your dog slowly and in moderation. Dogs can be allergic to random vegetables, just like humans, and some veggies just might not sit well on your pup’s tummy.

Ready to start adding some of these nutritional powerhouses to your dog's diet? Here a great list of dog friendly veg to get you started:


-Beet root

-Bell Peppers (green, yellow, orange, and red)


-Brussel Sprouts

-Cabbage (red, green, napa)





-Green Beans







-Summer Squash

-Sweet Potatoes



Just remember, it’s important to introduce vegetables slowly to your dog. Some veggies can make your pup gassy (broccoli farts anyone?) which can lead to health concerns if your pup eats too many.

It’s also important to make sure and remove all seeds and pits since these can be a choking hazard or may cause an intestinal blockage.

What’s your dog’s favorite veggie? Share with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by tagging #MamaWalksDogs. Got ideas, suggestions, or wanna share your experience? Comment below!

With puppy and kitty love,

Lily the Dog Mama

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