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Carrot Cake for Pups! In Only 5 Minutes

Little known thing about me: I went to culinary school when I was younger. Baking has always been an enjoyable hobby of mine, and, if I'm doing it right, a tasty hobby too!

When I was looking on the internet for a cake recipe for my dog, Odin, I was seriously underwhelmed. All these recipes make full size cakes. I have ONE dog. He weighs thirty pounds. That would be a lot of cake thrown in the trash, and I put way too much love into my baking to be throwing it away. The other issue I had with all the recipes I found is that none of them sounded good for ME to eat. Humans are social creatures. All the human cultures across the globe have gatherings and celebrations surrounding food. My dog is a valued member of my family, and I am going to share that aspect of my life with him.

So what do you think happened? A dog mom with a culinary arts background?? I made a recipe. It's really tasty, and totally dog safe. (As an occasional treat, not intended to be a regular part of your dog's diet) This recipe makes a good size mug cake, perfect to share between you and your pup... Or between your two dogs... Or between your human child and your dog child.. However you want to share this warm, gooey, springtime treat.



Mix Together 1/4 cup Whole Wheat Flour, 1/4 tsp Baking Powder, half a Mashed Banana, 2 Tbsp Shredded Carrots, 1 Tbsp Honey, 1/2 tsp Cinnamon, 1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract, 1/2 tsp Ginger.

Lightly oil a coffee mug and scoop cake mix into mug.

Microwave for 2 minutes


Mix together 2 Tbsp Cream Cheese and 1 Tbsp Maple Syrup.

Gently remove cake from mug when cooled.

Frost cake and top with chopped Pecans (Optional)

Did you make it? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by tagging #MamaWalksDogs. Got ideas, suggestions, or wanna share your experience? Comment below!

With puppy and kitty love,

Lily the Dog Mama

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