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Eastridge Dog Park - A Dog's Perspective

With smell being a dog's primary sense, on top of being a completely different size and shape from us, it's hard to imagine the world from a dog's perspective. What are they looking at? What draws them to a certain place to sniff? Most of the time we can make a fairly accurate, educated guess, but we can never know with 100% certainty. This is why as a dog mom I am always reading about dogs. I want to fill in the gaps of my knowledge and better understand these amazing four legged creatures.

My dog, Odin, LOVES going to the dog park. I know that he enjoys playing with other dogs, sniffing around, and running without a care in the world. Through my knowledge of dog body language and communication I can figure out what is going through his head, for the most part. To fill in the gaps, and satiate my curiosity, we got a GoPro. Now we can see the world *almost* through his eyes. How cool is that?!

Eastridge Dog Park is a hidden gem of a park in the Cimarron Hills area of Colorado Springs. It's located at Shawnee and Constitution. This is a well maintained dog park with a decent parking lot, seating, shade structures, water, poop bags, and trash cans.

Odin goes to this park at least once every couple weeks and is a great tour guide! Enjoy!

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With puppy and kitty love,

Lily the Dog Mama


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