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Out of the Way, but Totally Worth It! East Ridge Dog Park

Address: Shawnee Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80915

This dog park is a staff favorite! Tucked away in the Cimarron Hills area, off of Constitution between Peterson and Markshuffel, is one of the few dog parks in Colorado Springs that has fresh water available!

PROS: Fresh water, easy parking, small dog area, multiple poop bag stations and trash cans, smaller crowds than other dog parks, multiple benches

CONS: No wind breaks for cold winter wind, very muddy after storms, no large trees or structures for shade

Periodically the dirt mounds are built back up. Dogs love running on them, digging in them, and playing "King of the Mountain" on them. Too cute!

Fresh water! Woohoo!

The small dog area has the only decent shade tree in the park.

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With puppy and kitty love,

Lily the Dog Mama


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