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Hiking with your dog on the Fountain Creek Regional Trail

Think Colorado is all plains and mountains? This 10.8 mile gem of a trail connects to the Pike’s Peak Greenway trail, and brings you to the fragile wetlands ecosystem just south of Colorado Springs. You can spot turtles, herons, ducks, frogs, cattails, cottonwoods, snakes, and sometimes even bears. It is most heavily trafficked in the warmer months of the year, so if you’re looking for an easy trail, with beautiful views and easy access, but without the large groups of people, I’d recommend taking your dog during the winter months. While there are trash cans near the two trail heads, at Willow Springs Ponds and Duckwood Athletic Fields, you need to be prepared to pack your trash and poop bags while on the trail. Also, be careful that you pay attention to the signs, because there is a “no dogs allowed” loop that takes you into the Cattail Marsh Wildlife Area.

Lots of water for your pup to enjoy in the summer months!

There are a couple look out spots. If you go inside, look up! You'll often find birds' nests.

Such a peaceful place!

Enjoy your hike!

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With puppy and kitty love,

Lily the Dog Mama


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