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Where to go with your dog this weekend? Try Palmer Park Dog Park

Address: 3650 Maizeland Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80917

This dog park is seriously underwhelming. It is a large patch of dirt, encircled with a fairly low fence (in some places needing some TLC), with some benches and logs strewn about. Definitely a bring your own water and poop bags situation.

You know what makes this park special though? There are some really neat and short hiking trails in Palmer Park. I don't know about you, but my dog LOVES to run off some steam, off-leash, after an exciting jaunt. So, we go for an hour hike to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, and then we stop in the dog park for about half an hour to ensure a truly happy dog.

There is a separate area that isn't solely designated for small dogs. Many people use it for getting some off-leash time with their dog that isn't very social.

Bring a good amount of water to fill the community water bowls.

My dog LOVES running around and on the logs here! It's a natural obstacle course for canine enjoyment.

I hope you and your dog enjoy this simple dog park! Have fun and bring water!

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With puppy and kitty love,

Lily the Dog Mama

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