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Where to Walk Your Dog? The Pros and Cons of Dog Walking at Prospect Lake

I don't know about you, but I can't run on dirt and gravel. For some reason my body seems to feel that running on concrete isn't really exercise. I can go for miles on a nice flat concrete trail, but after about half a mile on dirt, I am officially done. I struggled to find a well lit, maintained space that I could run on, until I found Prospect Lake.

Prospect Lake is located in Memorial Park, Colorado Springs. The lake itself is 58 acres of water and great for a quick paddle boarding trip with your dog. The loop that runs around it is Prospect Lake Trail (or Loop depending on who you're talking to). It is well maintained year round, and is about 1.3 miles long.

Pros: Did I mention well maintained? It's also conveniently located, has lots of parking, beautiful scenery, fun to let your dog splash in the lake, and the nearby playgrounds let your human kiddos have fun too.

Cons: You can't let your dog in the water when the algae blooms (it's toxic and happens every summer), lots of people during peak hours, the couple of bathrooms there are filthy and should never be used unless you have a potty emergency, and during the late afternoon/early evening there are a couple spots where safety might be a concern (bring your mace).

There are lots of trees nearby to help keep you and your pup cool.

Does your dog have high prey drive? The ducks and geese here are used to being barked at. Just remember to keep your dog away from the fowl for safety.

This pier is a popular fishing spot. You may even seen some hawks, a heron, or the rare eagle fishing nearby too.

The old beach house has that retro vibe.

There are many picnic tables around this lake, a few playgrounds, and lots of spots to have a picnic with your furry loved one.

I hope you get a chance to take your dog on this lovely walk. It's a great place to get away while staying in the city.

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With puppy and kitty love,

Lily the Dog Mama

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