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Shopping List for Your New Doggy Family Member

You have it all planned out. You discussed with your family what the rules are for the new family member, you figured out who your vet will be, and you have an idea of what energy level of dog matches your home lifestyle.

Before you bring Fido home, you need to go shopping.

What will you need? How can you prepare for someone you haven’t even met yet? Here’s a list to help you get started:

1. Collar - You need a flat collar. Eventually you will want to get a name tag with your address and phone number on it.

2. Leash - A 6ft leash is standard. Enough room for you and your canine companion. Getting a large breed dog? Make sure that your leash is rated for the weight/size of the dog you are bringing home. It won’t be a great day if you get a tiny little leash that can’t handle the power of a 100lb dog trying to chase a squirrel. (In my house we have a running leash, a walking leash, and a 60ft training leash because we do everything with our dogs!)

3. Dog bed - If your dog lays on hard surfaces for too long, they can get unsightly callouses on their little elbows. Spoil your loved one with something soft and size appropriate.

4. Water Dish - You’ve got so many options here. Want the freshest water available? Get a water fountain sized for your breed and extra filters. Or you can get a metal bowl that is more cost effective and easy to clean. I don’t recommend plastic as it can get abrasions that trap bacteria and other nasties.

5. Food Dish - I recommend a metal bowl here for ease of cleaning.

6. Feeder toys - These are the toys that make mealtime fun! There is the typical slow eating food bowl to start, but the sky's the limit. We love the Kong Wobbler, Kong Gyro, Kong Spin It, and the Tug A Jug.

7. Dog Jacket - We live in Colorado. This is essential. I often see people walking their dogs in the snow with sweaters on. The sweater gets wet and your dog will be cold. A nice waterproof jacket will make walks much more pleasant for your pup. I advise waiting until you have your canine with you for this one, as you will need to measure to ensure proper fit. A brand that we love for high quality and longevity is Ruff Wear.

8. Harness or Head Collar - This is another one to wait until your canine is with you. Some dogs walk great on a regular collar, but most don’t. To save you and your canine stress, investing in a good no pull harness or head collar is a no brainer.

9. Toys - The fun part!! Look for toys that are meant to last. There are so many cheap toys that are too cute, but they can easily be shredded and turned into unsafe messes for your dog to swallow.

10. Bathing Supplies - Unless you plan on using a groomer, shampoo is essential. Also, since we live in Colorado, conditioner is needed. I recommend using dog specific products to avoid allergens or skin irritation.

11. Nail trimmer - Again, if you are planning on using a groomer monthly, this may not be required. If you are unsure about how to safety trim a dog’s nails, here is a great video showing what to do:

12. Treats - When you go to work, you want to get paid right? So does your dog! Stock up on more treats than you think you’ll need to reward your new best friend’s good behavior.

13. Potty Accident Supplies - There is bound to be at least one accident with your new family member. It takes time to learn all the rules in their new home. You will need canine urine specific cleaners to get the smell out. My company uses Bac-Out because the enzymes completely remove the smell, so your dog’s powerful nose won’t associate that spot with a toilet. A good amount of paper towels is required too.

14. Poop Bags - I buy enough poop bags to last a year, because no one likes to have to think about dog poop more than necessary. Want to spoil yourself? Get the scented kind! It makes walking to the nearest trash can much more pleasant.

15. Brush - This one is a bit of trial and error. Every human prefers certain kinds of brushes. Every dog prefers certain kinds of brushes. Then there is finding one that actually works for your dog’s kind of hair. Doing some online research can help you zero it in, and hopefully you will only go through 2-3 brushes before finding the ONE.

Have a great time with your new pup! Congratulations on the addition to your family.

Share your shopping list with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by tagging #MamaWalksDogs. Got ideas, suggestions, or wanna share your experience? Comment below!

With puppy and kitty love,

Lily the Dog Mama



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