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Summer Reading - WAG: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy

Sometimes being a pet parent is hard. You feed, love, and walk your dog regularly, but is your dog really happy? Figuring out how to communicate with a species that experiences our world so differently can be hard. For example: vision is not a dog’s dominant sense. Their sense of smell is more important to them. That’s why our society has harnessed a dog’s powerful nose for many tasks. Studies have shown that dogs even tell time with their sense of smell. So what truly brings such an incredibly different creature, your dog, joy? Getting into the mind of your dog requires empathy, introspection, and imagination. Also, a lot of scientific studies can be helpful too.

Enter WAG: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy, by Zazie Todd. This book has all the ingredients to help even the most clueless pet parent understand where their dog is coming from and how to bring true joy into their lives. From puppy hood, every day experiences, and through senior care, this book covers what science really says about your canine companion. There is even a quick reference checklist for those that don’t read it from cover to cover right away.

WAG is one of our must read books at Mama Walks Dogs, and we are giving away a copy through a contest on Facebook starting August 3, 2021 through August 12, 2021. The winner will be announced on August 13th 2021. Click here to access our Facebook page. Contest winner must reside in Colorado Springs.

To check out more on Zazie Todd, or to read any of her well written articles online, go to

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With puppy and kitty love,

Lily the Dog Mama

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