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What to Do When You Encounter an Off-Leash Dog

If your dog has ever been attacked by an off-leash dog, then you know how much this experience can change your and your dog’s life.

I was blessed to have this amazing Jack Russel Terrier named Leelue. She was spunky, sociable with dogs and people, and a real pleasure to walk. One day, we were walking in Fountain, CO, and a German Shepherd dog jumped his short chain link fence, ran across the street, and attacked my dog. He bit her on the side, lifted her off the ground, and started to shake her violently. I had to hurt this dog to make him let go of my shrieking, bleeding dog. It was terrifying!

After the attack, whenever I saw a dog off leash approaching, I tensed up, and was ready to defend my precious Leelue. She, who used to love the dog park, became aggressive to other dogs. No more fun trips to Bear Creek Dog Park, or calmly allowing other dogs to walk by us on leash. She was going to tear any dog to shreds. It was awful seeing the personality change in my sweet dog, and was a huge lifestyle change for us as a family.

Because of this horrific encounter, I have vowed to never again let this happen to any dog that I am walking. I talked to a few trainers and Leelue’s veterinarian, and was educated on the many techniques to deter curious or vicious off leash canines.

This flowchart is the generalized accumulation of that knowledge, and is what the dog walkers at Mama Walks Dogs are trained on and prepared to follow. We take the safety and well being of the animals in our care very seriously.

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With puppy and kitty love,

Lily the Dog Mama

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