Getting Started

-Once we get your request to start services, we confirm that you reside in our service area, schedule your Care Plan Meeting, and send you an invitation to our Client Portal. We request that you fill out your information in the Client Portal prior to your Care Plan Meeting.


-Next we get together for the Care Plan Meeting to discuss needs, scheduling, what you are looking for in care, medical concerns, and anything else that can make our future visits the best. We pick up keys, document any access codes, and make sure that you and your loved ones feel comfortable.

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Visits and Walks

-Give an enthusiastic "hello" to your loved one(s).

-Check for any accidents that need to be cleaned up, ex: hairballs, potty accidents, etc.

-Complete the services that were agreed on (dog walking, playtime, meals, etc)

-Say "goodbye" to your loved one(s), complete a final safety check, and secure your home.

-Send you a GPS map, a visit note, and pictures of your loved one(s) via text or email.

Please Note:

For regular dog walking clients, your regular dog walker will be at the meeting.

Due to the short term nature of, and often early mornings and late evenings that go along with Vacation Care, your Care Provider with NOT be at the Care Plan Meeting. After the meeting we match your needs and schedule with one of our Vacation Care Specialists to ensure your furry loved one has a GREAT time!

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