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How Old?

Cat Years Explained

That whole idea that for cats every single year is equal to seven human years, is an old myth. Of course it can’t be that simple! So what is the magic formula? Well, it’s broken down into three parts:


  • The first year of a cat’s life is equal to about 15 years of a human’s life. That's why when cats are about one year old, they act like bratty teenagers.

  • The second year of a cat’s life is equal to about an additional 9 years

  • Every year after that is about 4 years


Cats are much longer lived than dogs. The oldest cat ever recorded lived to the ripe old age of 38 years! That’s why it’s so important that when you welcome a cat into your home and your heart that you are prepared for a long life of love, kneading, playing, and purring.

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