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The Pup Cup Map

Of Colorado Springs

Puppy Drinking

What is a Pup Cup?

A Pup Cup, or puppucino, is a doggy treat that you can order at some drive thru locations. Traditionally it's a cup or lid, with a small amount of whip cream, presented to your dogs while they wag their tails like crazy! Some places get creative and add dog biscuits, do a small amount of ice cream, or just give your dog bacon.

Most places will provide a pup cup free, as long as you purchase something for the humans in the vehicle.

Eating Puppy
Puppy Having Lunch

Did we miss somewhere? Let us know and we will get it added to our list!

For more tasty treats, check out the canine cookbook section of our blog. Your dog will be glad that you did!

Whippet Dog
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