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Puppy Proofing Your Home

Rescue Puppy

Just like toddlers, puppies get into everything, and as soon as you think that they’ve grown out of an unwanted behavior, they start up a new one. That’s why it’s so important to get off on the right foot with your new four-legged friend and to puppy proof your home. Not only will it save your some sanity, but your wallet will thank you too.

To start your new puppy adventure, have a meeting with all the members of the household to discuss:

1. What rooms puppy will be allowed into. (Puppies are small, and it’s okay that their world is small too. As they grow and learn the house rules, you can slowly expand their access to the home.)

2. Make sure that everyone understands and agrees where and when the puppy can be unsupervised. 

3. Decide if puppy will be allowed table scraps. If yes, make sure everyone is aware of what foods are unsafe for puppy.

4. Decide if puppy will be allowed on the furniture.


As a family, walk through each puppy approved room of the house and look for:


  • trash cans that need to be put away

  •  electrical cords that could be chewed

  •  small choking hazards

  • houseplants that could be destroyed (or poison your pup)

  •  low hanging curtains or blinds that need to be put out of reach

  • cat litter boxes that could be raided by a curious young dog


Lay down on your stomach in each room too! Small pups see the world from their height and usually find something that you didn’t.

For more help in getting ready for your new family member, download our Puppy Checklist to help you see the hazards before your new dog finds them for you.


Have a green thumb? Check out the list of toxic plants provided by the ASPCA 

Happy Puppy
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