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Happy Pets at Home = Stress Free Vacations 

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At Mama Walks Dogs we know that your furry kids are family, We pride ourselves on giving them the respect, dignity, and love they deserve.

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are  Included!

Communication is Key
When our team arrives you will receive a notification letting you know that your furry loved one is being cared for. At the end of the visit you will receive a visit note with all the fun details, pictures, and a GPS map.

Get Care When Your Babies Need It
We complete all morning visits between 6AM - 9 AM, and all evening visits between 6PM - 9PM. That way your kiddos won't need to wait too long for their meals, going potty, and affection. Schedule midday visits whenever works best for you! We offer 2 hour scheduling windows.

Peace of Mind
Not only are we there to care for your furry family, our background checked team also keeps an eye on your home. We look for any windstorm or snowstorm damage and let you know if there's anything that needs attention. We open and close curtains, bring in the mail, and flip lights on and off too! Just tell us what you'd like, and we'll get it taken care of.

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Cat Sleeping

Paw-Jama Party!

One of our Pet Sitters will stay overnight for 10 hours of snuggles and play! This visit covers all your pet's regular care (feeding, fresh water, potty, etc.), snuggles and play, a detailed visit note sent to you after an hour of fun and again in the morning. Customizable plans to meet the needs of your unique fur baby's preferences.

$110 Each Night

Two scheduling options available:

Option A- 9PM-7AM OR Option B- 8PM-6AM

Looking to see how much we charge per pet?
We DON'T! You pay the same rate not matter how big or small your fur-family is.

two cute dogs

Attention: We do not use prong collars, choke chains, or shock collars for any services that we provide. If you use any of these tools and would like to have services with us, please be aware that you will need to provide an alternative such as a front harness or head collar.

For dogs that will remain in a crate, please review our crate policies by clicking here.

Thank you!

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