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Professional Dog Walking Service

Exercise, tail wagging fun, and a potty break all rolled into one

close up of a beagle sniffing the grass
siberian husky dog looking at the camera and smiling while on a walk. black harness and leash

  • Save your dog from boredom

  • Protect your home from your dog's boredom

  • Avoid potty accidents

  • Keep your pup healthy and happy

Don't cry woof! Go Walking!

white american bulldog walking on leash in the grass. purple harness and blue leash

Dogs aren't meant to be alone for 8+ hours a day

They need socialization.

They need to go potty.

brown and white mixed breed dog sitting with his blue harness barely visible

Walks provide socialization, a potty break, and fun all at the same time!

15 Minute Walk

Great for potty breaks, seniors, puppies, midday meal, or midday medication.

$22 each

Book 3 or more in a week

$20.90 each


30 Minute Walk

Great for a potty break and getting wiggles out. 

$28 each

Book 3 or more in a week

$26.60 each


45 Minute Walk

Great for energetic dogs, multi-dog households, or a combination of exercise and midday care.

$34 each

Book 3 or more in a week

$32.30 each


60 Minute Walk

Great for athletic pups and multi-dog households.

$38 each

Book 3 or more in a week

$36.10 each

Dogs LOVE walks, but sometimes they become a little too "routine"

Our experienced dog walkers know how to keep walks fresh and fun! We even offer FREE enrichment add-on activities throughout the year.
Bored dog? Not with Mama Walks Dogs! 

Looking to see how much we charge per pet?
DON'T! You pay the same rate no matter how big or small your fur-family may be.

Good Things Come to Those Who Sit, Wait, and Shake!


The Help You Need and the Care Your Pet Deserves, in Three Simple Steps

Step 1

Click the GET STARTED button to schedule a FREE Care Plan Meeting

Our team texts a meeting confirmation within 24 hours, gives you access to our client portal via email, and gets very excited to meet your pets

Want to chat before meeting us?

Click the get started button and schedule a free phone consultation instead

Step 2

Free In-Your-Home Care Plan Meeting

We work with you to create a plan for your loved one's future visits and walks

What happens at a Care Plan Meeting?

Our team arrives promptly, ready to answer your questions, and with plenty questions of our own. We interact with your pets to ensure they feel safe and comfortable

Step 3

Enjoy Life Unleashed

​Let our team take care of:

  • Meals

  • Walks

  • Medication

  • Plant Care

  • Light Housekeeping

  • Etc


No dog mom or dog dad guilt required! 

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two cute dogs

Attention: We do not use prong collars, choke chains, or shock collars for any of the care we provide. If you use any of these tools and would like to have services with us, please be aware that we will require an alternative such as a front clasp harness or head collar.

Thank you!

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